2014 ~ PicShuffle

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Took Me a While To Get The Last One

By: Ajay Murmu On: 7:57 am
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  • Took-Me-a-While-To-Get-The-Last-One-When-life-hands-you-lemons-make-awesome-halloween-costumes

    Batman's Idea

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 7:55 am
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  • superman-trolled-by-green-lantern-with-batman's-idea

    The Truth Has Been Spoken

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 7:53 am
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  • We-don't-need-more-cameras-pointed-at-citizens-we-need-more-cameras-pointed-at-politicians

    Just Putin It Out There..

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 7:49 am
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  • Just-Putin-It-Out-There-visit-russia-before-russia-visits-you

    Gamers Six Packs

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 7:48 am
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  • gamers-thumb-six-packs

    Only Dragon Ball Z Lovers Can Get This

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 7:46 am
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  • Only-Dragon-Ball-Z-Lovers-Can-Get-This

    Dine in Hell

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 7:43 am
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  • Tonight,-we-dine-in-hell-stop-calling-my-mothers-house-hell

    Attitude Earn Respect

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 7:41 am
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  • Attitude-earns-respect

    Please.....It's Too Hot To Handle!!!

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 7:39 am
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  • brightness-and-lower-your-brightness-please-its-too-hot-to-handle

    Friday, 2 May 2014

    I Love Majestic The Bald Eagle

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 9:51 am
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  • I-Love-Majestic-The-Bald-Eagle

    Voldemort Really Cares About Harry's Education

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 9:47 am
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  • Voldemort-Really-Cares-About-Harry's-Education

    Quiz Time Solve This If You Can

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 9:40 am
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  • Quiz-Time-Solve-this-if-you-can-i-want-to-play-a-game


    By: Ajay Murmu On: 9:37 am
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  • Dog-trying-to-escape-from-cage-jail

    Wednesday, 30 April 2014

    Classic Fresh Prince insult

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 12:13 am
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  • This-is-my-little-brother-carlton he-knows-we-can't-afford-new-clothes-so-he-just-doesn't-grow

    What I Can Build With Legos

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 12:06 am
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  • What-I-Can-Build-With-Legos

    Tuesday, 29 April 2014

    My Life in a Nutshell

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 11:58 pm
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  • My-Life-in-a-Nutshell

    Guess Who We Found

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 11:52 pm
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  • up-movie-characters-in-real


    By: Ajay Murmu On: 11:50 pm
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  • Impotence-is-the-ability-of-the-mind-not-the-body

    What's Your Excuse?

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 11:45 pm
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  • What-your-excuse-meme

    Monday, 28 April 2014

    Yeah That Goodbye Is Very Very Hard

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 9:16 am
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  • The-only-time-goodbye-is-painful-is-when-you-know-you-will-never-say-hello-again

    Troll Superman

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 9:13 am
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  • Troll-Superman-batman-villain

    This Made Me Laugh More Than It Should

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 9:12 am
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  • This-Made-Me-Laugh-More-Than-It-Should

    This Always Happen To Me

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 9:10 am
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  • This-Always-Happen-To-Me

    There Are Two Kinds Of People

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 9:08 am
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  • There-Are-Two-Kinds-Of-People

    Ringo Isn't Even The Best Drummer In The Beatles

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 9:06 am
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  • Ringo-Isn't-Even-The-Best-Drummer-In-The-Beatles

    One Of The Saddest Pictures I've Seen

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 9:03 am
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  • One-Of-The-Saddest-Pictures-I've-Seen

    It's Me Pretty Much

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 9:02 am
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  • how-to-become-more-productive

    Kids these Days

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 9:00 am
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  • i-am-so-hardcore

    I Still Can't Believe this Dinosaur is Made from Balloons. Just Amazing!

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 8:58 am
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  • I-Still-Can't-Believe-this-Dinosaur-is-Made-from-Balloons.-Just-Amazing!

    I Look Like This

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 8:56 am
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  • i-look-like-this

    Can't Decide Who's A Lot More Stupid

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 8:54 am
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  • Can't-Decide-Who's-A-Lot-More-Stupid

    Who is Presenting Next?

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 8:51 am
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  • When-my-teacher-asks-who-is-presenting-next

    Sunday, 27 April 2014

    I May Be Wrong Sometime

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 8:01 am
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  • i-may-be-wrong-sometime

    That One Song

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 7:57 am
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  • That One Song-memories

    How to Make Six Packs Easily

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 7:32 am
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  • How-to make-six-packs-simple-easy-tips

    Can You Find the Missing Words? Hint: Computer Accessories.

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 7:29 am
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  • Can-You-Find-the-Missing-Words-Hint:-Computer-Accessories

    My Whole Childhood Was a Big Lie

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 7:15 am
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  • Mom is GREAT Always

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 7:12 am
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  • fish-saving-child-tears

    How Many T's?

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 7:05 am
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  • How-many-t-s

    Superman's Secret is Revealed Now

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 6:48 am
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  • Why-superman-wears-his-underwear-on-top-of-his-pants

    Friday, 25 April 2014

    Problem Solved

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 12:08 am
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  • where-to-buy-long-distance-relationship-pillow-problem solved

    Napolean Born to Party

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 12:05 am
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  • napolean-born-to-party

    Here Is Your Answer

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 12:02 am
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  • big-fucking-cork

    Thursday, 24 April 2014

    My Internet Was Down For 5 Minutes

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 11:58 pm
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  • My-Internet-Was-Down-For-5-Minutes

    The World Without US

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 11:54 pm
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  • the-world-without-us

    What The Hell -_-

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 11:52 pm
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  • What-the-hell-did-i-ever-do-to-you-man

    Talented Spoon

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 11:50 pm
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  • Talented-Spoon

    Money is Numbers And Numbers Never End

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 11:40 pm
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  • happy-your-search-for-happiness-will-never-end-bob-marley

    Press F13 to See a Magic

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 6:29 pm
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  • Press F13 to See a Magic

    But It's Morning

    By: Ajay Murmu On: 6:27 pm
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  • How much do you love me? Well, look at the stars and count them. That's how much I lOve You But it's Morning Exactly